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=Electronics Hardware Questions=


8bit ADC with parallel output converts an input signal into digital numbers. You have to come up with an idea of a circuit that finds the MAX of every 10 numbers at the output of ADC.

Solution from Alex


Since we need to find the MAX of every 10 samples, we are going to use a FIFO to capture outputs from ADC. The FIFO is 8 bit wide and 10 words deep.
It will require 8*10 flip-flops.
Every two stages of the FIFO are brought out to comparator and multiplexer.
The comparator compares two 8 bit numbers and enables the multiplexer to choose the maximum of these two numbers.
It will require 9 pairs of comparator/multiplexer to find the MAX number out of 10.
So far, with every new clock there will be a new MAX number at the output.