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=Electronics Hardware Questions=



Suppose, you work on a specification for a system with some digital parameters.
Each parameter has Min, Typ and Max value in the table.
In what column would you put a setup and a hold time?

A: hint from Hitequest
put SETUP time into the Min column, put HOLD time into the Min column too.
usually the data must be set at least (minimum) X nS before the clock and being held at least Y nS after the clock. You need to specify Min setup and Min hold time.

A: by S_one
setup time is the minimum time for which the signal is held before the application of the clock signal. Thus setup time will be put in the Min column. Whereas after the clock signal is applied, the signal is maintained stable for a period of time defining it as the Hold time. Thus this should be placed after the Min column i.e. Typ column. Also Setup time indicates the maximum delay produced in the input signal before the onset of the clock signal.