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 =Brainstorming technical problems= 


  • How to measure speed of a tennis ball... by Merc_1976.
    During big tennis tournament there is a large score table reporting speed of a tennis ball. What type of sensors or radars do they use?
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  • Automatic control of a stage projector ... by Hari.
    My neighbor plays bass guitar in a band. He told me that they had a light effects system that included a joystick to manually control projectors. There is an operator who's job is to focus the light spot on a singer while she moves around the stage. I have been thinking lately what would be the best way to automate that process. Any ideas?
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  • Applying black paint to a heat sink: better or worse?.. by Johan_son.
    Had a discussion recently with a coworker from manufacturing dpt: they apply black paint to increase performance of a heat sink. I am not sure it's a good idea, because paint provides thermo insulation. Any thoughts?
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  • Better road grip with wider tires?.. by Victor.
    Most people agree that a car with wider tires has better road grip, but the theory doesn't seem to explain this? I remember from school that a force of friction depends on surface and weight and has no relation to the area:
    F = kN,
    where k - friction coefficient depending on material, N - is a normal fource proportional to the weight of a car.
    What am I missing?
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  • Measure multiple points... by Seviri.
    I Would like to get experts opinion on the following problem. I am taking voltage measurements at multiple points. The data is within 1v...2v range. Will I get better accuracy if I use the same instrument for all measurements rather than taking parallel measurements ?
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  • Question to power supply experts... by vball13.
    I need to build a test bench for a chip. The chip has a block that when enabled draws 1.6A from a supply during 5nS. The problem is that I need to put 20 chips on the test board. Any suggestions?
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  • Granite ball in San Diego... by alex.
    Last month I took a trip to San Diego, CA. I stopped at the coffee shop downtown La Jolla.
    There was a small fountain right in front of that shop. Nothing unusual on the first sight. The fountain is in the shape of a plate. There is a ball on that plate, and water comes from underneath the ball. When I came closer I noticed that the ball seems to be floating on that plate. I thought it must had been made from rubber...
    I touched it - no, the ball as well as the plate were made from granite. And again the ball was floating... I am an engineer myself. My best guess would be that the water pressure keeps that granite ball floating. Is it so, or is there another trick?

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  • 2 outlets in series? by A3.
    Hi, can I connect two 110v outlets in series to double the voltage?
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  • burnin board problem... by releng.
    I run reliability tests in burnin chamber. My board is populated with over 20 semiconductor parts switching at full rail. The switching generates over and under shoots which, I think, may affect the life time of the parts. What is the best way to handle this? Also people use different terms, such as "ringing", "overshoots", "spikes" - are we talking about the same effect?

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