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  • Uv Ch.
    i think that is exactly what u said..., but u 4get that the car is not 
    touching the surface, but its tires do. so basically if u enlarge the tires 
    they have more surface... which means more surface touching the floor. think 
    about doing the opposite surely u dont think that a car with tires that thin 
    will hold the car. also when turning there is the so called "imaginery" or 
    not centrifugal force so basically the car wants 2 flip over 2 the side, and 
    has more grip because it is wide...its like women who have high heel 
    shoes...y do they trip over ? samething. they r not stable
    anyway when they taught u in school, they generelized and simplified the 
    surface and made it 1. but actually the surface has many friction "spots" 
    (not the real term) so as larger the surface is there r many friction spots 
    that u make the calculation -->
    ----------                    ---------
    |  .  .  |                    |.    . |
    |  .  .  |                    |.    . |               
    ----------                    |.    . |   
                                  |.    . |
    ->as u can c the 
    larger surface has more friction spots, ofcourse in reality
     there a lot more...