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About Hitequest
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Do you need an agent for a job search?


A headhunter is like a real estate agent, only for a job market.

Not sure if you need a headhunter? Well, may be you do.
Even if you are currently not looking for a new job.
Just in case. No, not in case you lose your job, though it may happen to anyone when the economy is turning south.
But in case a great opportunity arises that you just cannot afford to miss.

Let's say the new job involves working with challenging, brand new state of the art technology.
Plus it involves a salary increase of 25%.
Plus stock options and a sign-up bonus...
And also the commute time is twice as short!
Are you really going to let this opportunity pass? Another one may not appear in a while.
The smartest way to change a job is when you are employed, happy with your current position, earning bonuses, being promoted and are very well thought of by your management.
At that time you are the best candidate for every company and have the greatest value on the market.

Tell your headhunter to contact you only in case of a great opportunity..

A.P. for Hitequest.com