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=Phone Screening Questions=


  • There are 3 switches in one room that control 3 electrical lamps located in the other room.You are allowed to spend 5 minutes in the room with switches,change their position as you want.Then you should go to the room with lamps and tell exactly what switch controls every lamp.You can't return to the room with switches.

  • There is a pot full of water. How to pour out half of it without using a meter?

  • A point is chosen at random from within a circular region.What is the probability that the point is closer to the center of the region than it is to the boundary of the region.
  • Why  are  manhole  covers  round ?
    Sent by John M., LTX corp.

  • If you ask electronics engineer " To be  or  not to be ?" , his answer most likely will be "One!"   How come?

  • You are playing a game with your partner.The idea is to cover a round table with quaters. The one who puts the last coin - wins.Suggest a winning strategy.
    Sent by Ronni , Oren Semiconductor

  • There are 8 metal balls, one of them is lighter. How many times do you need to weight the balls to find the light one? Try to minimize that number.

  • How to cut a plain circular cake for 8 people with just three straight cuts of knife?

  • A man went down to the river with two jugs, one of three-liter capacity and one of five-liter capacity. Using just these , how did he bring back exactly four liters?

  • You drove to the next town with a speed of 60 miles/hour. On your way back the speed was 40 miles/hour. The distance is 120 miles. Calculate the average speed.

  • How many gas stations in San-Francisco?

  • Here is a quickie someone from LSI Logic asked me a while back
    You are sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake. You pick up a rock from the boat and throw it into the lake. Did your action raise or lower the water level at the edge of the lake?

  • Why do they make pizza boxes square?
  • The bridge had 3 lanes. After reconstruction it will have 4 lanes. What is the persantage of the increase in carrying capacity?
Do you know how much you are worth on the market?
If you stayed with the same company for a lengthy period of time, there is a big chance you are under-earning.