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=Quick Thinking Tests=


  • 200lb of cucumbers was delivered to the grocery store and left in a storage room. The cucumbers contained 99% of water. After some time part of water evaporated and the contents of water in cucumbers became 98%. What is the weight of cucumbers now?

  • You have 2 candles. Every candle lights for 60 minutes. You have to find the way to measure  45 minutes.

  • A snail wants to creep on to the top of the tree 5m high. During the day it can creep up 3m but during the night it creeps down 2m. How many days does it need to reach the top?

  • 9 coins,one of them is fake. Use a balance to weigh them not more than 3 times and find the fake. A fake coin is not necessarily lighter.

  • Connect  9 dots with 4 lines . Don't cross the same dot twice.
  • .             .            .

    .             .            .

    .             .            .

  • Parachutist is landing the island  in the darkness. The island is of unknown shape. There must be a fenced lot at the island. The parachutist needs to find out if he is within the fenced lot or outside.

  • A band is going in the street with a constant speed.Someone in the last raw has a dog.The dog runs ahead, reaches the front line of the band and gets back to it's owner. The dog's speed was also constant all the way and while it was running the band passed 50 feet. Find the length of the dog's path,if the distance between the front and the rear line of the band is 50 feet.

  • There are 100 gold coins in 10 columns by 10 coins in each column. Every coin weights 1 lb. One column contains 10 fake coins.Each coin in it weights 0.9 lb. Take one measurement to find the column with fakes.
    Sent H.A., National Semiconductor

  • Two drivers are going to the next town which is 100 miles away. They depart at the same time, however the first driver stops for gas during the first 50 miles, the second driver stops during the second half. Each stop takes 10 minutes. They both drive with the same speed 60 mph during the first 50 miles and 65 mph during the second half. Who, do you think, will arrive first?
  • A chess board has 64 squares.Two squares in the diagonal corners are masked out.Is it possible to cover the rest 62 squares with 31 dominos? (One domino covers two squares.) Explain the logic of your answer.

  • 4 people A,B,C and D need to cross a narrow bridge in the darkness.
    Only 2 people can go at once , and they share one flash light.
    A - can cross the bridge in 1 min, B - 2 min, C - 5 min, D - 10min
    How to have them all get to the other side of the bridge in less time?

  • A man is running across a bridge.When he is 3/8 of the way accross, he heard a train coming behind him. If he keeps running he will reach the end of the bridge at the same time with the train. If he turns around and runs back, he will get to the beginning of the bridge at the same time with the train. The man runs at a speed of 5mph. What is the speed of the train?
    This was sent by John S. from Texas.
  • We are going to play a paper-rock game (similar to paper-rock-scissors). If we both have "paper" - I pay you $3, if we both have "rock" - I pay you $1. If they don't match - you pay me $2. Suggest a winning strategy?
  • There is a large cube that is composed of small sugar cubes. The large cube is 10 sugar cubes long, by 10 sugar cubes wide, by 10 sugar cubes high. How many sugar cubes are on the surface of the large cube?
    Received from Zach, college student

  • An escalator is descending at constant speed. A walks down and takes 50 steps to reach the bottom. B runs down and takes 90 steps in the same time as A takes 10 steps. how many steps are visible when the escalator is not operating.

Do you know how much you are worth on the market?
If you stayed with the same company for a lengthy period of time, there is a big chance you are under-earning.