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=Computer Software Questions=

  • A retired man has $800000 invested at 8% annual rate. He would like to be able to take a certain amount of money once a year during 24 years until all the money is gone. Calculate the amount of money he will be getting annually.

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  • Use recursion to write a function of factorial.

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  • For bit manipulation C has some operators. Write a function rotate(m,n) that returns the value of integer m rotated to the right by n positions.
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  • Write a function to reverse the words in the sentence, for example  "This is a string "   becomes  "string a is This".
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  • Write a function to reverse the words in the sentence, for example  "This is a string "   becomes  "string a is This". The memory is limited. You can't use another string for replacement .
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  • You have a linked list. How can you tell that there is no cycling in it?
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  • How would you write a program to search a file on a hard drive ?
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  • Phone pads have letters associated with digits: 3 letters for each digit. For example there are "a,b,c" associated with #2; "d,e,f" are at the button #3 e.t.c Write a function that prints all possible combinations of your home phone number in letters.
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  • What is the difference between basic building blocks in C and C++? 
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  • For C++ developers a popular question is "What is virtual destructor and when do you need to use it?"

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  • Reverse linked list.
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  • There is a sequence of random integers, for example 36, 7, -2, 0 ...
    Within this sequence you need to find a subsequence with the biggest sum of the numbers?
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  • What do you think can be wrong with this function?

    char* NewString(char* string1)
    int i=0;
    char* string2[20];
    while (i<19 && *(string1+i) != '\0')
    string2[i] = toupper (*(string1+i));
    string2[i] = '\0';
    return string2;

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  • N.J. is using the following questions to interview embedded systems C programmers.
    1. What is the purpose of the preprocessor directive #error?
    2. How do you code an infinite loop in C ?
    3. What are the uses of the keyword static?
    4. What does the following code output?
      void foo(void)
      unsigned int a=6;
      int b=-20;
      (a+b >6) ? puts(">6") : puts("<=6");
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  • What operation will take longer time:
    - to add two bytes
    - to add two floats
    - to add byte and float ?
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  • A pair of immature mice got loose in a basement. It takes mice 1 month to mature and another month to produce a new pair of mice. They will continue to produce a new pair of mice each month. The new pairs of mice grow and reproduce at the same rate. If no mice die, how many pairs of mice will there be after a year?
    Provide an algorithm to solve this problem.
  • A function returning free disk space used to work for years. Problems started after the hard drive was upgraded. The structure of the program is as following:

    int free_space (hard drive)

    What do you think might be the problem?

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  • Write a progam to print a binary tree such that the root is printed in the middle of its left and right sub-trees.

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  • There are two integers a and b. How to exchange the contents of them without using a third one?

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  • Here are a couple of questions we received from Java fans.
    What is the difference in memory management between Java and C++?
    Is it possible to create a memory leak in Java?
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