Wireless hands free set + FM audio transmitter

This is a hands-free device that lets you conduct phone conversations through the FM radio in your car . Very easy to use - plugs into the standard 2.5mm headset jack on your cell phone (most cell phones have a standard 2.5mm 3 pole headset jack. If your phone has a specific connector, make sure to obtain an adaptor). If you receive a call when driving, simply turn on the preset radio station on your car stereo and enjoy your phone conversation, while keeping both hands on the wheel.
How does it work? The device has a built-in FM transmitter that broadcasts the phone signal to your FM radio at the frequency of your choice.
The ultra-sensitive microphone ensures clear sound with no special positioning. To adjust volume and tone, simply use the radio controls.

But wait ! It can do more ...

With the included 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor the device can be connected to MP3 or any other portable audio player to play them through your car stereo.

The shipping cost is $4.50