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  • PPM - how to convert it into basic units?
    Suppose, the amplitude of output signal is +/-10V with an error of +/- 800ppm.
    What does it mean in volts?
    PPM means parts per million:
    So, 800 ppm = 0.08% from 10V
  • More conversion factors:

    Length   Area
    1 inch =2.54cm   1 square inch =645.2 square mm
    1 foot=12 inch =0.3048m   1 square foot =929 square cm
    1 yard=3 feet =0.914m   1 square yard =0.84 square m
    1 mile =1.609 km   1 acre =4047 square m
    Volume   Mass
    1 pint =568 cubic cm   1 ounce =28.35 g
    1 gallon =3.785 litres   1 pound (lb) =0.45 kg


  • Interesting article about open source and commercial approach in computer science.
    by Johan_son.
    Dropping out and booting up (MercuryNews.com, 04/24/2005) In this article a New York Times technology writer John Markoff traces the two cultures of computing-- one libertarian and open source, the other commercial-oriented-- back to the 1960s, the time when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple computer, and just two years after two geeks from Seattle -- Paul Allen and Bill Gates -- first got together to write software.
    Part1 and Part2 are alternative links to this article.
  • Did you know about a Museum of Computer History in Silicon Valley?
    by Sanji.
    A Museum of Computer History in Silicon Valley has an interesting web site http://www.computerhistory.org with the history of computer related events since 1945 to our days. I clicked randomly on the link to year 1972 and found an interesting device, called "blue box". It was built by Steve Wozniak to make free phone calls. Wozniak sold the boxes in dormitories at the University of California Berkeley where he studied as an undergraduate. The early boxes had a safety feature - a reed switch inside the housing operated by a magnet taped onto the outside of the box. If apprehended, you removed the magnet, whereupon it would generate off-frequency tones and be inoperable ... and you tell the police: it is just a music box.

  • Sharing engineering experience: how to hide wires when mount a flat screen TV on a wall.
    by Alex
    Hi guys,
    Just thought I would share with fellow engineers the idea of how to hide wires when mounting flat screen TV on a wall. I noticed on several forums people are struggling with this most.
    The first part of the job is to install mounting brackets. It is not difficult at all with a wall mounting kit (available at many stores for $70 and up depending on TV size and other features). Hiding wires is usually more problematic: you have to cut plaster, deal with studs, etc.
    My solution is simple and inexpensive: I had the wires hidden behind speakers. Some TVs come with detachable speakers, I bought mine on Ebay making sure they have matching color. Now I have better sound and no wires hanging around. The rest you will see from the pictures. Good luck!



  • APPLE's CEO -> Steve Jobs' commencement address at Stanford University
    by vball13
    Hey guys, I received this over email from a friend and thought it was worth sharing here - the speech is so inspiring...

    This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered at Stanford University on June 12, 2005.
    I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I've ever gotten to a college graduation.
       Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories.
    The first story is about connecting the dots...more

  • Easy fix for Samsung dishwashers
    by A3.

    My Samsung dishwashing machine (DMR57LWF) has an appealing look and many other positive features, such as low noise, reduced energy and water consumption.
    However, it also has an annoying problem of control buttons being too sensitive, often causing machine to start when you accidently touch the fron panel. I noticed on review boards that other people also complain about this problem along with the fact that control labels deteriorate very soon.
    I found an easy fix for these problems that I would like to share. It is really easy and it worked well for me, so I hope you can use it too.
    An Iphone screen protective film did the trick for me. I cut a square piece of this film and put it over the machine "Start" control button. Note, no glue is needed. The film protects control button from wearing off and makes it less sensitive at the same time.
    I believe, even a piece of transparent plastic food wrap may work.


Do you know how much you are worth on the market?
If you stayed with the same company for a lengthy period of time, there is a big chance you are under-earning.